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Mothership Magazine will be launching as a brand new print publication exploring counter-cultures and alternative ways of thinking from the 1950s to the present day. Heavily inspired by the underground press and 70's titles like OZ, Crawdaddy, and Nova in their tone and design, Mothership's 2021 issues will investigate what it means to get ‘enlightened’ and the myriad of ways that individuals, groups, and movements have gone about achieving it - from the pragmatic to the thoroughly obscure. 

As well as offering an insight into the wisdoms of the enlightened, Mothership will also span across art, music, fashion, fake ads, and undesirable dinner party recipes that pay homage to a nation’s favourite battle-axe, Fanny Cradock. Culturally and socio-politically switched-on journalism is paramount to Mothership, balanced with a generous helping of irony, humour and critical discourse that titles like OZ and Crawdaddy employed so well.

From political malpractices, social injustices and fake news - it never ends. We are as thirsty as ever to become wise to the world. But how do we get enlightened in 2021 - and what the hell do we do once we are? Mothership exists to assist you with a sense of your own personal illumination, created and edited by a small party of self-proclaimed experts on millennial despair. 

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